Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay Covid Protocol Visitors, Volunteers: and Students

  • All Visitors/ Volunteers must sign in and out and complete a COVID Waiver through the Visitu system..
  • Whenever possible a six foot distance is maintained.
  • All Visitors/ Volunteers are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in JA BizTown, JA Finance Park and common areas.
  • Following Hillsborough County Public Schools current mask protocol for students’, parents have the option to opt their child out after completing the required paperwork at their school. ( JA does not have that information and relies on the Teachers to monitor) We at JA however recommend that all students and visitors to our campus wear a mask for their safety and that of others.

Why JA?

Imagine a generation of students armed with the confidence and understanding to take control of their futures and equipped to achieve their dreams. We are working to give our region’s youth the hope to see a brighter future and the skills to answer the demands of the 21st-century economy with “I can.” In partnership with the education and business communities, Junior Achievement is transforming the student experience by bringing relevance, authenticity and application into everyday learning to energize students about their future possibilities.

Using integrated learning models focused on career readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, we’re bridging the gap between what students learn in the classroom and the real world. We work to empower the next generation with the knowledge, capacity and motivation to thrive and build a better future for themselves and their community.


JA® connects education to real-world concepts to heighten students’ appreciation for academics and long-term aspirations, giving them vision to see what’s possible in the future and the skills to achieve their dreams.


JA® infuses business connectivity and role models into all aspects of learning to deepen students’ understanding and sustain engagement as they learn about and solve real world problems.


JA® delivers opportunities to apply academic concepts to enhance students’ retention of knowledge and develop skills for success, bringing lessons to life.


Through in-school partnerships with educators and school districts,
our learning experiences have expanded to blend JA’s experiential learning with
traditional education to bring relevance, authenticity and application
into everyday learning.

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JA My Way™ is designed to help teens find careers that are best for them,
learn about saving and budgeting, and find out how they can start their
own businesses. This free resource uses personality tests, interactive
online games, assessment tools and educational resources to provide
teens with helpful information in a fun and engaging way.

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Looking ahead, our children will be our leaders. Today, it is our job
to be their mentors and teachers. To provide opportunities for them
to dream of a prosperous future and experience the wonder of what
can be. No matter what your profession, your life experience and
determination to succeed means you can serve as a role model.

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There are many ways you can financially support Junior Achievement of
Tampa Bay in our work to ensure our area’s young people are prepared for
success in the modern economy. Tailored partnership opportunities are
also available.

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Your donation allows us to create partnerships and provide programs
that are transforming students’ lives.